Dance for Early Years Playlist by Liz Clark


Sharing dances with early years and their families always provides me with much inspiration. Children are expert improvisers, they explore life with their bodies and I’m not just talking about gleeful, celebratory dances, but also the whole range of floppy, stomping, shrinking behaviour that rises instantly from their physicality as they experience life.

As a practitioner and a maker of dance for early years I’m interested in making dances that give value to the genuine creative drive of our young audiences and participants. These dances give value to children’s insatiable and amazing improvisation skills.

Being interested in multi-sensory, immersive experiences means that music is very important. I am committed to using a range of music in my sessions including ‘adult’ music. Each piece of music offers it’s own invitation. The playlist includes some old favourites and some new entries acquired through dancing with other dance practitioners. A very big thank you to the participants of the People Dancing Summer School 2015 for sharing some of their own favourites.

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Notes and music choices selected by Liz Clark
Photo Credit: Rachel Cherry