About People Dancing Music


As a dance teacher one of my most important – and time-consuming – activities is sourcing good music that will be suitable for my classes. Music can inspire us as teachers and participants but finding exactly the right music with the right tempo and ‘feel’ can be a tricky process.

So People Dancing is delighted to share this new music resource with you. The tracks on these pages have been selected by dance practitioners working in a variety of different genres and contexts. Our thanks to all those who contributed to making this resource possible.

We hope these selections will give you plenty of new ideas and inspiration (and save you some time).

We plan to add more lists to People Dancing Music, so if you have between 10-20 favourite tracks that you find particularly inspiring, or useful, that you would like to share, please send us your list with some brief detail to place your choice in context. We may not be able to publish all the selections but we hope to provide as wide a variety of music choices as possible that are favoured and used by dance practitioners.



Happy listening!


Anna Leatherdale
People Dancing